National Urban Professional Baseball League

“IT AIN’T OVER YET LET’S DO IT AGAIN” Updated 3-16-2019
League will resume in June 2020
League Statement
We are working diligently to address and resolve all issues and concerns pertaining to our 2018 inaugural season. In the game of baseball you can be 0 for 3, with three strikeouts and three errors in the same game (that led to three runs). You come up to bat in the bottom of the last inning trailing by three runs with two outs and you have an 0-2 count and you hit a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN game over we win. The dream is yet alive the National Urban Professional Baseball League is the winner and is working on that come back. 
The National Urban Professional Baseball League launched a new professional baseball League on May 25, 2018 in Laurel, Mississippi. The league in its conception consisted of four (4) teams. The League was disbanded on July 1, 2018 because of the inability to sustain itself due to the lack of support.



Mon 1:32pm

Coach Mayden, xxxx (her son) never doubted you even when things weren't looking on the up and up in Mississippi. Unfortunately, I did doubt you only because the way things played out. I think I was more disappointed because xxxx looks up to you and loves the game of baseball more than anything. It really broke him the way things ended and for that I was angry. I don't know all the details nor does anyone else. Of course there were gonna be flaws it was a new league but it should of been better planned out. Your recent actions speak volumes about your character and integrity as a person. That is the person my son looks up to and I'm glad I got to see that side. Best of luck in 2019.

Thank you, Karen


From Laurel, Mississippi

For the record xxxxxx (her son) and I never doubted you. In face we thank God for you. No matter
what happened or happens we think you are heaven sent, You have our support.


Melvin Graves Not sure what happened, but I hope no one is questioning Coach Michael E. Mayden character. This man has sacrificed for his community for 4 decades and counting!!! I played on multiple travel teams for Coach in the 80's, and can say he contributed to my success on and off the field. I am a successful psychologist, with kids and my memories with Coach as a leader and father figure has allowed me to flourish in life!! When I was young and dumb, I had no idea what life lessons I would garner at this man's practices, games, meetings, travel, parent communication, and overall knowledge about the character of a real man!! I salute and Praise Coach Mayden!! "

The man took a bunch of inner city kids to play in Canada, and across the states for Free!!"
He truly loves the game!!!

Bobby Roan Not a finer man or coach than Mike Mayden. I owe him quite a lot when it comes to my coaching journey. Helped me build the program at Kishwaukee College by getting many of his players out of bad environments and away from troubles in the city and sending them out to DeKalb to play for me. It was an honor to work with Mike Mayden. I am sure that what ever the problems were in his new Urban League they will be corrected. This is a person who totally puts himself second to help young adults.

Looking Forward to a Blessed and Prosperous Return

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