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National Urban Professional Developmental Baseball League
The creation of this professional Baseball League is designed to provide family entertainment.This league will be dedicated to the generations of baseball players who were denied the opportunity to play baseball because of factors other than their ability to play the game of baseball.

African American baseball players has been limited in their opportunity to participate in the game of baseball
“America's Pastime” 
on the high school, college and the professional baseball level.

While this league in “NO WAY” will be limited to only African America players. We will seek out the best baseball players from across the United State and the World regardless of their ethnic back round. 

The league in its initial conception will consist of four teams with plans for future expansion. 

Play a seventy two game schedule between
May thru August in addition to play-offs 

Team (s) will consist of 
Team manager
24 players per team
Targeted ages for the team will be players 17 years old and older (that have completed or will be completing their H.S. eligibility). 
The players in this league will be paid 
Scheduled to start in May 2018

We will form the teams by selecting players (not withstanding their racial back round) from across the United State and the World by way of open try-outs to be held at a number of sites (see tryouts).

After the teams are formed the players that will makeup these teams will actively take part in pre-planned promotion activities. 

The names of the teams in this league will reflect that of past Negro League players i.e. Rube Foster All-Stars, Satchel Paige All-Stars, and Josh Gibson All-Stars etc. To honor the history and memories of past African America baseball players (the same as the Negro League Museum in Kansas City, MO).
 Promote Diversity in Baseball
 Develop Economic, Social and Educational Programs 
Promote Entrepreneurship 

Mission Statement
Inspire individuals to use their God given talent and abilities
 to reach their personal and professional goals