The NUPBL is designed to provide family entertainment and shed light on the unlimited financial opportunity that are available in the sports world both on and off the field
 Not-for-profit job development and employment training program 

The difference between our job training program and others is that we are able to train participants in-house and put them directly to work after their training 
(within our structure/league)  

We have the jobs to offer, after we provide the training
(Training and to work is our motto) 
While this job training program would be open to all participants that are interested our main focus would center on participants ages 16-22 years old, ex-offenders, high school dropouts, participants from low-income families and youth that have been a part of the juvenile detention system

We want this program to serve as an
introduction to the business opportunities in the sports market, TV and radio media, food service, accounting, business services, legal services, transportation, printing, social media and marketing etc., etc., etc.

We want to train the mindset of the participants in this program to take control of the economics opportunities set before them and within one's community

The concept of this league is a business venture tied to creating jobs, creation of wealth and to create self-employed entrepreneurs through our job training program and a network of partnerships and teamwork

Over 1.2 trillion dollars in black wealth flows through the African America community annually 

The African Americans churches spend over 300 billion dollars annually in this economy

The black dollar is an untapped dollar in the professional sports market

 The creating of this professional baseball league would allow us tap into the flow of that 1.2 trillion dollars in untapped wealth that flows through the black community annually  

We project this professional baseball team would bring 50,000-100,000 people to the park annually